Highway Safety and Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys


Traffic safety is of great importance to us all. In America, many accidents occur every year on our highways. Annually in the United States, there are about 5.4 million car crashes. This is the total number of crashes that do not result in any deaths, or fatalities.

Many of the accidents result in fatalities, unfortunately. There are many reasons for these accidents. More than 30,000 fatal car accidents happened on roads in the United States in 2014. Some of the reasons for these fatal accidents are speeding (31%), distraction (16%) , drunk driving (32%) and weather-related incidents (11%).

These statistics are so disturbing and sad for us all. Another fact from 2013 reveals that accidents involving distracted drivers injured 424,000 people and killed 3,154 individuals. That same year, 2013, saw 3,906 trucks involved in fatal crashes, according to the US Department of Transportation.

We all know that sharing the road with a big rig, semi or tractor trailer can be intimidating and dangerous. If a tire on a tractor trailer blows out, for example, the entire massive vehicle may lose control. Unfortunately, you may be injured if you are sharing the road with the tractor trailer truck at the same time, even if you are not in the same lane. You might even be on the other side of the highway, but you could be hit by flying debris, or caught in an explosion or a fire.

It you are injured you definitely need to find a good tractor trailer accident attorney right away. You need to know your car accident rights. The specialization of being a tractor trailer accident attorney has trained professionals ready to be sure that you are awarded the money you deserve in a compensation settlement to take care of the damages that happened to you.

You may also have a lot of very high medical bills and a good tractor trailer accident attorney will be sure and watch out for you and get the money you deserve after your accident. If there is a fatality in the accident, your attorney could also be filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

We don’t like to think of bad things like horrible accidents happening to us. But sometimes they do happen. And if it happens to you, you should know what to do. When involved in an accident with a truck, it is of great importance to find an experienced tractor trailer accident attorney. Good legal representation by an attorney with experience in truck accidents is of the utmost importance for you, your family, your well-being and your entire future.

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