Here’s How an Experienced Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help You Bring Justice against a Wrongdoer


whistleblower lawyerWitnessing criminal acts in the real world can be quite frightening, but it’s even more concerning when you witness the crimes of a prominent individual or company. Unfortunately, the backlash that one may receive from reporting such wrongdoing forces many to reconsider their decision to report the crimes.

If you are aware of a crime and fear retaliation from reporting it, you absolutely need to contact an experienced whistleblower lawyer. The U.S. has a beneficial whistleblower policy that will protect you every step of the way, but you need a trusted whistleblower lawyer to navigate these murky waters. Whistleblower cases are extremely complex, and you need an attorney that will take a personal interest in protecting you from potential retaliation.

Additionally, an experienced whistleblower lawyer could help you recover compensation for your efforts with the qui tam lawsuit procedure. Here are just three of the many ways that an experienced whistleblower lawyer can help you bring justice against a fraudulent party:

  • Confidentiality
    Above all else, the main concern of potential whistleblowers seems to be that they will not remain anonymous throughout the process. In fact, only 65% of employees who have observed wrongdoing ever decide to report it. This means that 35% of fraudulent companies and employers end up getting away with their crimes, which is unacceptable. Finding the right whistleblower lawyer will grant you full confidentiality throughout the court proceedings to protect your identity.
  • Protection against retaliatory measures
    The primary reason that confidentiality is such a concern for whistleblowers is because they fear retaliation from the defendant. Among those who saw wrongdoing and chose not to report it, about 46% of this demographic said they made that choice because they were scared of whistleblower retaliation. A whistleblower attorney will not only protect you against retaliation but file a counter-suit against your employer if they threaten you in any way.
  • Qui tam lawsuits and compensation
    Ever since the U.S. government amended the whistleblower process, there has been a dramatic rise in qui tam lawsuits, which enable you to receive compensation from the penalty imposed. The number of qui tam false claims cases has increased every year since 1986, and this trend has accelerated in the last 10 years. Since the U.S. Department of Justice started to track statistics regarding qui tam case filings in 1987, approximately 7,200 qui tam cases have been filed. A trusted whistleblower lawyer can go one step further to ensure that you receive what you deserve for your courage.

The law is in your favor as a whistleblower, but you need the best representation possible when you step into the courtroom. Find an experienced whistleblower lawyer in your area and get the justice you deserve.

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