An Interview with Maria A. Sanders of Legislative Intent Service, Inc.


For nearly 40 years, Legislative Intent Service, Inc. has provided a great deal of in-depth legal research for people in the State of California. We sat down with Chief Operating Officer Maria A. Sanders to talk about the great strides LIS has made in that time.

Ms. Sanders, can you speak to what sets Legislative Intent Service, Inc. apart from other legal services in the field?

Over the years, we have developed research protocols for locating quickly and thoroughly any surviving legislative history materials for any time period in federal or state legislative and administrative history. Also, our staff attorneys guide the legislative and administrative research with a trained research staff. Our legislative history and intent sources include our database containing thousands of legislative histories and rule-making files, designated congressional depository libraries and state and university law libraries and archives. Our attorneys communicate with our clients and write reports that analyze these legislative and administrative history materials for them.

That certainly seems handy. So for these reports, can people access them digitally as well as in hard copy?

The documents are scanned and available electronically, without additional charge, thus allowing our clients to download and preserve these materials in their own databases for their future use. LIS has the largest private collection of legislative history materials in the United States. Because our materials are digitized, we can provide research as quickly as possible to meet our clients’ deadlines in a cost-effective manner.

Can you talk a little bit about the history of the company, specifically what it’s like today compared with the early days?

Legislative Intent Service, Inc. was started by Tom Stallard and Bill Keller following their employment in the California Legislature. Responding to the needs of numerous frustrated constituents and attorneys seeking legislative information, they recognized the need for an organized system for retrieval of legislative documentation, combined with the provision of specific and well-crafted explanations to allow lawyers and others the opportunity to make effective use of these esoteric materials. That was in 1974. Today, lawyers and the courts themselves have come to rely on Legislative Intent Service, Inc. as the authoritative source for legislative documentation. In fact, Legislative Intent Service, Inc. is cited in almost 70 appellate or state Supreme Court opinions. We research all 50 states plus federal legislation and regulations.

Legislative Intent Service, Inc. is located at 712 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695. You can find out more information about its services by visiting or by calling 1-800-666-1917.

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